Pastured Poultry

Pastured poultry is a method of raising birds in movable pens so that the birds live and forage directly on the pasture in order to achieve the benefits of free range meats without experiencing tough meat or predator problems. Each day the pen is moved to a fresh piece of grass so that the birds stay healthy and happy. We never use pesticides, fungicides or herbicides on our poultry or their pasture.

Our meat chickens are a Cornish-Rock cross that produce
3 to 5 pound dressed broilers.

Non-medicated / antibiotic-free feed is supplied and the birds consume up to 30% of their diet in green forages. We use no antibiotics and no feed additives containing hormones or hormone altering drugs.

Broiler chickens are produced March through November due to the seasonal nature of the system. We typically raise enough to have finished meat available through the Winter months.

Pasture raised poultry living on fresh greens and bathing in natural sunlight is reported to have the following benefits over conventionally raised poultry:
  • 30% Less Saturated Fat
  • 28% Fewer Calories
  • 50% More Vitamin A
  • 100% More Omega-3's
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Pastured Turkey

We also raise broad breasted white turkeys for the holidays. Please contact us to place orders for the current season. Deposit required.

Cornish-Rock Cross Meat Chickens

Cornish-Cross Chicks

Broad Breasted White Turkeys