Grass Fed Limousin Beef 

Mill River Farm is proud to offer Limousin beef for sale directly to individuals. We believe our beef will satisfy the most discriminating palate. Grass Fed beef has at least 25% less fat than typical choice beef. This is your source of nutritious, delicious, low-fat and all natural Limousin beef.

Our naturally fed beef is raised on all natural pasture and top-quality hay. Our cattle remain on pasture during finishing. They are never confined to a feed lot for finishing.

Limousin is also known as "The Butcher's Beef" due to it's fine flavor and tenderness.

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  Our grass fed beef has:
  • No antibiotics or medicated feeds
  • No steroids
  • No hormones
  • No animal byproducts
  • No artificial roughage
  • There are no fillers of any kind and no water added.